Sunday, December 25, 2011

Novembers's late update

Praise God it's raining in Texas!

We have had very consistent rains here for a past few weeks. This has helped the reseviours somewhat if nothing more in that people are not using water to keep things alive. We are still behind but it's looking better at this point. The hope is that the lakes that were about to go dry, won't. I know some people think that it's exciting to be able to catch fish so easy in the low reseviours, but most don't realize that when the rains come back and the "tank" is full, the fish to water ratio will be so low I'll be surprised if it recovers in a year. In fact it may take 5 years for the fish to come back to pre-2008 levels.

We went down to the coast at the end of November. Had a very enjoyable time, but caught only a few fish. Seems that the wind and redtide was affecting the fishing. Since I am a greenhorn when it comes to coastal fishing, I thought I was doing terrible. But I talked to some local fisherman and most of them said that they were having trouble finding the fish and the ones they did catch were real small. Made me feel better about my only Redfish keeper.

We are planning another trip here at the end of December and so far the weather looks like it will be quite agreeable. Now that we are a little wiser, we hope this to be a much more eventful trip regarding our fishing endeavors.

The rod business has been slow to come on due to starting at the end of the year. We are extra busy with life right now and it makes it much more difficult to get anything done. However we have made some progress in a couple different areas:

Mike was able to dump our first webhost without cost when he found out that their customer service was horrible. Thankfully he hadn't done much of anything at that needed to be saved so the move to our new host was pretty simple. We looked into hosting our servers at one point due to our IT background but it proved to be too big of a task and would require more maintenance long term. The website is now up and has a temporary page up pointing to this blog.

Sarah has been working hard at getting some of the paperwork done to get the business going. We are now officially a business having received our DBA and tax ID. This is a big step in the right direction and should help us keep our costs down during the start up period. Looks like we will be starting up in force sometime in January.

Tight lines,

Mike and Sarah