Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fishing the Llano river at Robinson Park in Llano Texas

We have a bit of a treat for you this time around.  I wish I could say it was catching a lot of fish with good shots of fish splashing out of the water, but alas, we had trouble finding the fishing.  They were there, but not for long.  We even stayed until after 11pm looking for the monster bass.

The story begins about 5 minutes from the house...

Since we have gotten the video bug, we decided to work out the following video for your benefit. It tells the story of out trip and what we did until I caught the MONSTER....

Well, now you can see it wasn't much of a monster.  Actually, it was a pretty poor day of fishing.  No good sized fish at all. Seems the big fish were somewhere else.  Except for a very large catfish about 3ft long.  He zipped by my boat as we pushed into a lagoon behind one of the sandbars.  The water was about 2ft deep and he made quite a wake as he took off.

After sunset we stayed another 2-3 hours till well after 11pm.  Caught the biggest fish of the day but even it was barely legal.  Very unimpressive day overall.  I think maybe we didn't cover enough of the lake. Never did make it to where the water was coming in.  It's possible that the fish were gathered in the some of the deeper holes near the moving water at the top end of the reservoir.  Probably where we should have been after dark.

As we headed back toward the docks we had several blowups on the buzz baits but never got connected.  I'm thinking we were still moving them too fast. I realized too late that a Zara Spook would probably have worked better.  Hmmmm....

It was still fun and we enjoyed our first night fishing adventure.  As we get better at it maybe we'll have more interesting stories to tell.

In case you missed it in the last post, we finally ordered a imitation GoPro.  It's basically a GoPro knockoff brand from China called "Anart".  It was cheap and surprisingly had good reviews.  Supposed to be about the same as a GoPro3.  So it's just a start.  If it works we may have to get a real GoPro down the road.

Stay tuned for more cool video as we start recording our adventures!

Keep it sunny side up!

Tight Lines Y'all,


  1. Not sure what list you are referring to... but we have a Jackson Big Tuna and a Perception Striker. Both of these kayaks cannot flood because they are sit on top and the hull is completely sealed. They have drain holes called Scupper Holes, that go through the bottom so any water that does come over the side drains out the bottom.

    We have had these boats out in some very heavy waves. The Jackson is particularly stable as I can go sideways into waves 2 ft high without hardly getting wet, much less fall overboard! The Perception Striker is somewhat less stable but still handles these waves well enough for an experienced kayaker to be just fine.

    Have been using these type of kayaks for several years now and have had them in every weather condition except the ocean surf. We've taken them down class 2 white-water and have had them on the lake in 30mph winds and 2ft waves.

    You may not be aware, but we have posted many videos on YouTube and we have another site called "Geeks Fish Too" - - This site and the associated YouTube channels show many of our adventures. You might be interested in the San Gabriel River Adventure as it shows us going down some pretty intense rapids for a fishing kayak.

    To be sure, these *are* fishing kayaks. If you are a whitewater kayaker, you'll find fishig kayaks slow and cumbersome. This is the nature of sit-on-top kayaks. But they also can't be sunk without breaking the hull. If you are sold on the sit-in/whitewater style of kayak, there are many of these type of kayaks to choose from out there that incorporate fishing tools such as places to mount a fish finder, rod mounts, etc.

    Thanks for the comment!!


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