Sunday, July 5, 2015

Llano River Fishing blog site and

Since we have started fishing the Llano river regularly, we have noticed an increase in hits on the blog site.  It would seem that it is time to split the blog up a bit and relegate this site to just Hill Country Fishing Rods news.  This news will come slower than some of the other information and occasionally will share with the fishing adventures.  But it would appear that we need to post our fishing adventures separately.

That said, we are announcing two new sites coming soon:

Obviously the Llano River Fishing site will reference only fishing and events that pertain to Llano river fishing.  It will also include information for guiding trips that I hope to start in the new future - Stay tuned for more news on this.

The site will include some of the news from the Llano River Fishing site, but will also include other bass information for the entire Central Texas area.  Of course, all of these site will reference each other and I'll be posting links to the different site on each site.

The main reason for this is simply to split up each site to be more specific to the information provided.  We have long been wanting to start a guide service on the Llano river and reserved the site for that some months ago.  Since we are now feeling quite familiar with parts of the river, it's time to start acting on that.

The Geeks Fish Too site has been an idea of mine due to the fact that I work in IT and I'm an avid angler.  Many people think that geeks don't get out much but that is not the case with some of us.  For many IT people, our jobs are a means to an end.  Yes, we love to work with computers and play with gadgets, but we can't wait to leave it all behind and head out to a quiet fishing hole where the computer doesn't follow. It's a bit of an antonym.  We live in the tech world but like to get away from it once in a while.  Some more than others.

Looks for this reconstruction of the site over the next two weeks.  Again, we'll do our best to make it so you only have to follow one site to have access to all 3.

With that, I will get on with the next post from our last fishing trip on Friday.  We had a blast and have a pretty decent video from the trip as well.

Tight lines!


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