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This news report is from last year, but it highlights a serious issue in the Hill Country that affects some of our favorite play places like the Llano River. Too much more of these kind of stupid mistakes and the Llano will become another Colorado River - nasty, worthless, and full of extraneous vegetation fed by man-made chemicals. 

You think this is just a big city problem?  Go look at the South Fork of the San Gabriel Southeast of Liberty Hill.  To find what I'm talking about, start where 183 crosses the San Gabriel. Then go East about a mile.  You'll see a line cut through the trees that crosses the river, this is where the power lines go.  But also running along this line to the river is the output from Liberty Hill's water treatment plant.  Look at the nasty amount of green algae that has grown from the effluent water. Follow it downstream and see how far it goes.

Recently the city recently applied for a permit from TCEQ to nearly quadruple their output from 1.2MGD to 4MGD (million gallons per day).  This is considering that they aren't even processing 200,000GpD as of yet. There is a fight on now and I hope the Cassadys win. 

The fact is, the effluent is supposed to be safe to water lawns and trees.  So build a tree farm south of the water treatment plant and grow non-fruit-bearing trees that need lots of water and then cut them down every so many years and sell them off to make money. Or build a green belt down the sides and middle of HWY183 from Seward Junction to the river. Turn the unusable land into a beautiful garden. Truly the cognitive powers of these people is feeble and weak.

Toledo Bend, Rayburn, Fork make list of top 100 U.S. bass lakes 7/1/15
Very interesting report!  Learned something about East Texas lakes.  Had no idea that Toledo Bend is the biggest reservoir in the southern US. Also the #1 bass lake in the US!  Way to go Texas! 

From Alan Henry, to Buchanan, to Choke Canyon - this report is full of good info!

Written by TPWD
Individuals or organizations that have made a lasting contribution to freshwater fishing in Texas may be nominated through November 1 for induction into the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.

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