Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year - What's it to ya?

OK, so I'm grumpy.  I didn't get to go fishing over the holidays.

Well, actually, I did get to go hunting and got a couple deer, so that's something.  While I like to search fish out and be sportsman like when it comes to fishing...  I don't do that when it comes to deer.  Instead of throwing out lures to the fish, I lure in the deer with corn, alfalfa or anything else that works.  Then I sit in my living room, and shoot them out the window!  Yep, I'm a redneck when it comes to deer.  Mainly because I'm serious about getting meat for the freezer.  hah :)

So how's the fishing on the coast this winter?  While I won't get to go fishing down there any time soon, I am hoping when my 90's is up in the new job that I will get to take some time off in the spring to do some fishing.  And that brings me to my next subject... 

We picked up a camper a couple weeks ago.  Just a tow-behind that will do well for trips to the coast.  I'm looking forward to spending some time fishing instead of spending all my money on lodging.  This should make a trips way cheaper and easier to justify a trip down for the weekend.

Rod building is progressing.  We have several rods in the works right now but no orders as of yet.  Hoping to get some orders this month.  That would be a wonderful thing.  :)

Hope y'all had a great New Year!

Tight lines,


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