Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stinks Lake or Inks Lake?

Went out to Inks lake yesterday.  Was pretty much a flop.  Got several small 12in bass but that's it. Almost zero activity until very late evening.   The weather was beautiful with temps around 80 degrees and water temp climbing from 55 to 61 degrees through the day (so close!).

We started out at the Devil's Hole end of the state park and got two small bass in that area right after we got in.  But then it died. Nothing for hours.  So we moved to the other end of the state park and fished back in the coves but it was even deader.

Just at dusk I got my last catch of the day on the way back and that was it.  Saw a couple of large bass blow clean out of the water so I know they were there, but when checking to see what they were going after it appeared to be just an insect hatch.  Unfortunately, they didn't see to be interested in minnow imitation lures.  Should have had my fly rod!

After we got out we met a fellow yak fisherman who it was a pleasure to talk with.  Had similar interests and appeared that we were in the same "boat" when it came to learning how to catch bass.  Both of us had learned on something other than bass fishing and were trying to discover what makes a bass tick.  Of course, both of us were nutty enough to try fishing for bass when the water temperature was less than 60 degrees.

It's almost that time of year for the whites to start running and if we keep seeing this warm weather the black bass will start hitting harder as the water temp climbs into the mid sixties.  But it's early yet so I'm not holding my breath for black bass.  However, I've got to check Lake Georgetown to see if the whites are running.  I've never purposely fished for whites so it would seem it's time to learn the ropes.  YouTube is your friend in this area!

Maybe next week!

Tight Lines,


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