Sunday, October 14, 2012

First ride in the Big Tuna

Finally went fishing in our new kayak today.

First time ever fishing in a kayak and I must say it was quite fun.  Didn't catch any fish, but it was great learning how to deal functions of a large kayak and figure out what we wanted to fish with and then rig up the rods.  We went to Inks lake and the weather was perfect.  The post-frontal wind wasn't too bad and over all it was a very enjoyable trip.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to catch some fish!

We tried a variety of topwater lures, bass assassins, and other spinner baits, but nothing seemed to stir the hearts of the bass today.  Even saw a large bass do a full body jump out of the water within 30ft of the boat.   I think my problem is that my freshwater lure collection is getting a little slim these days.  Other than my lures for saltwater, my freshwater collection needs a complete revamping.

Oh well...  we mainly went out to get used to the boat since we'll be taking it to the coast next month.  Hopefully we'll do better down there with the redfish!

UPDATE 11/27:   We had a blast on the Big Tuna on the coast last week.  It did way better than I imagined in the waves and such.  We didn't take it into the surf or anything but we did get into some choppy water on Aransas bay and it didn't hardly even bounce.  I'm debating on if I want to try it in the surf now!   One trip out on Copano bay, we saw dolphins within 100ft of the kayak.  Quite the thrill!

Regarding rod length and kayak fishing:  We found that me sitting in the back it was nice to have a longer rod (8'6") but my wife sitting in the front had a 7ft rod.  This kept us from interfering with each other too much.  The longer rod let me cast over her head without worry about snagging her - which I doubt she would have appreciated.

Tights lines,