Monday, October 29, 2012

First new rod completed

Finished up the first new rod. Should be delivering it this Saturday. Will try to get some pics of this rod before we let go of it and post them here. Fitted out our first rebuild rod this weekend and should have it done by the end of the week.   By middle November we hope to have a whole selection of rods ready to go to stores.

Looks like are going to be doing a lot or rod rebuilding. There seems to be quite a few rods out there to be rebuilt. The trick is finding them and we have apparently been doing a decent job of that as we now have well over 30 rods to rebuild in our shop right now.  We have a very good assortment of high end rods like G.Loomis, AllStar, Castaway, American Rodsmith, Falcon, and more.

We really want to be able to provide rods for our fellow man at a price that is affordable.  If someone wants a $1000 rod, I'll build it, but really, how many of us can afford or want to afford spending that much money on a rod right now?  Enter the rebuilt rod.  By rebuilding 6-15 year old G.Loomis, AllStar, and any other high quality graphite or glass rods, we can provide a quality rod for under $200 that performs much like the $500-$1000 rods you'll find at our local monster sporting goods retailers.

Of course, one of the main reason that people don't rebuild rods is that many rods are worn out after years of use.  Some rods will slowly give out in such a way that they turn from a fast action to a slow action.  So we have to carefully inspect each of the blanks we get to make sure they are still the action they were officially labelled.  If a fast action turns into a medium-fast, then we'll relabel it accordingly as it should still have years of use left on it.  But if a fast action turns into a slow action, then that rod goes in the junk pile.  This often happens with fiberglass rods.  Good graphite rods tend to hold up better - especially the higher end rods.

So we are constantly looking for more used rods. If you run across any used rods, let us know!  We would love to have someone who is constantly on the look out for rods.  We usually pay around $15 or more for used G.Loomis rods that are missing guides, etc.  Of course, the blank has to be in good condition to be useful at all.

In the future we are going to go through detailed instructions on how we rebuild a rod.  I hope to include pictures of every step.  Some we've already posted, but we figure a step by step might help others if they ever decide to build their own rods.

As always, we love to help people help themselves.  If you have questions about rebuilding a rod, let us know!



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