Monday, October 8, 2012

It's rod building time!

The fall is upon us again.  The cool weather, a few rainy days, and plenty of dark hours to build rods!

We've been away all summer dealing with life in the fast lane.  Wishing we could be spending way more time on the coast or on a lake somewhere.  But now we're back and prepping for the next big trip to the coast.  Looks like it will be the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The big update on this is that we acquired a Jackson "Big Tuna" Kayak about a month ago.  Would you believe we haven't had a chance to get out and use it yet??  Between the rain and our day jobs, we haven't had a chance to go to the lake yet.  Hopefully this next weekend will change that!

Since this is our first kayak, we are researching rod building ideas and methods for building fishing rods that best match kayak fishing. We've seen some information that indicates shorter rods are better and we've seen information that says longer rods are better.   Since our kayak is a tandem kayak, we are thinking shorter is better so we aren't as likely to snag each other.  But then again, longer rods will put the bait, lure, etc further away from the person behind.   We are thinking that maybe the front person can use long or short and the back person will use a shorter rod.  The cool thing about our kayak is that the seats can be turned around, though we aren't sure about turning them around when we are out on the water...  hah
HCFR main bench when first getting started.
We are looking for your ideas on this!  We would like to hear from you and see what you think about fishing from a kayak - both solo and tandem.  Have you done it? What do you use? Casting, spinning, or fly rod? Ours has a stand up area so fly fishing is a possibility.

And finally, what are your favorite kayaking spots here in Texas?   Of course we don't expect you to reveal your exact favorite fishing hole, but in general terms. ;)


Mike and Sarah

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