Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rebuild your favorite fishing rod!

Stay tuned for a series of posts on how to rebuild your fishing rod back to as good as new.  In fact, if done right, it may be better than new!

We are going to start putting together weekly lessons on how to rebuild fishing rods.  We will use real life examples of how to strip down a rod from start to finish.  We hope to start doing these presentations starting by the end of next week.  We will include plenty of pictures and real down home talk.

UPDATE 6-25-15:

The weekly lessons never happened unfortunately.  We had many things changes as you may have seen from other posts.  However, we are still intending to post some pictures and video of the break down process of rod building.  I have some video of me working on a rod handle done and have been working at getting other pictures ready as well.

We hope to start getting some of this posted in the next couple weeks!

UPDATE 8-17-15:

It finally happened!  We have finally started up a separate page on how to rebuild your fishing rod!  You'll see it at the top of the page as a tab.  It actually is a separate blog that will allow commenting and collaboration on your ideas and thoughts on rebuilding your favorite rod.  Questions will always be allowed and I will try my best to answer them or find the answers to your questions.

Go check it out!  http://TexasRodBuilder.blogspot.com

Tight Lines Y'all!


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