Monday, October 15, 2012

New rod order on the way!

Finally got our fall rod order completed.  We primarily use Angler's Workshop but we also use for some things.  Acid Rod tends to have all the Batson blanks in stock including rod kits and Angler's Workshop generally has the best price around.

So hopefully by the end of the week the rod shop will be humming again!  We ran out of rod varnish and it kinda irritated me because when I've got itch to get a rod done, I want to keep working till all I can do is watch paint dry... well, rod finish.

Looks like the first rod out the door this season will be a light Batson 6ft LF for a young friend of mine. It's a bit of a surprise and I've been looking at it too long and its time to finish it.   The next thing to work on is a 9'6" LF Spinning rod to use in the kayak.  I've seen both sides of the argument for shorter rods in a kayak and longer rods in a kayak. Both made sense and since I already have short rods and have used them, I think it's time to try a longer rod to see if it works.  When I'm done "Testing" it, I'll send it off to sell at my local country store / bait shop.  Should bring at least $120.

Next on the list are the several "certified pre-owned" rods that I've been cleaning up.  Think I should be able to finish up a couple by the end of the month.  They'll also go to the baitshop.  I'm hoping by the time these are all done, my website will be done and we'll start getting some custom rod orders.

We are thinking about doing a promotion where we'll give discounts to the first 4 people who post on the site here starting with 40%, then 30%, 20% then 10%. 

So whoever you are, if you are the first person to post a comment on this blog, give me a call at the number on the right and we'll give you 40% off on whatever rod you have us custom build for you!

Tight lines!

Hill Country Fishing Rods

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